Southaire, Inc. specializes in the acquisition and sale of aircraft on behalf of its clients.  It is through a network of like-minded brokers, relationships forged by years of working together, that Southaire is able to stay abreast of the current market of  both on and off market available aircraft.  Through diligent research and the use of all available methods to analyze the current market, we are able to present aircraft best suited to the client, whether in the purchase or sale of an aircraft.  We counsel our clients in narrowing down the best possible aircraft to meet their criteria.  Southaire works hard to buy or sell the best aircraft at the very best price.  In today’s market, aircraft should be evaluated on more than just price, airframe/engine time, and paint and interior condition.   With so many other important variables that affect the true worth and quality of an aircraft, it is best to have a professional with years of experience and a strong network to work for you and your interests.  Southaire, Inc. would like to work for you.  Contact us today about what we can do for you!